Navigating adolescence is challenging enough, but when troubled teens are struggling with other issues, the obstacles may seem insurmountable to parents. Well-intentioned parents often try to help difficult teenagers, especially difficult teenage boys with established parenting strategies, which work in some instances. Other times, it just makes everything worse.

Adolescence is a time of change and parenting teen boys means understanding the impact these changes may have on mental health and behavior. 

Consider these 10 effective tips for dealing with difficult teenagers. 

Communicate As Much As Possible

Encourage your teen to talk to you about everything. This may mean listening to problems that seem trivial or making time in a packed day to allow your teen to vent. But communication is essential to help your difficult teenager. It ensures that you know, as a parent, what is happening with your teen. It may also mean hearing things you would rather not, but the more you know about what’s going on in your teen’s life, the more you can help.

Establish and Maintain Boundaries With Troubled Teens

Teens are nothing if not stubborn and pushing the envelope seems ingrained in their collective DNA. As a parent, your job is to hold the line when it comes to boundaries. If you give on this, they will keep pushing the line back further and further until you cannot see it anymore. Parenting a troubled teen means giving them parameters in which to work and helping them realize that there are consequences to breaking those rules. Boundaries are not always pleasant, but they work. 

Don’t Forget To Find Time For Fun

Parenting should not always be about rules and consequences. You are not here to be your teen’s friend, but you’re also not here to be their warden. Maintaining a good relationship with your troubled teen makes navigating rough spots a little easier. Make time for fun. Explore new hobbies together, plan trips and enjoy family time. 

Get Help With Difficult Teenagers

As a parent, you simply cannot do it all alone. There are times when your trouble teenager is dealing with issues that are beyond your expertise. Sometimes, professional help is necessary. This has nothing to do with your capabilities as a parent and everything to do with knowing when it is time to call in reinforcements. This is especially true in situations where your teenager especially a teen boy is struggling with mental health issues or substance abuse. Under these circumstances, professional intervention is necessary to overcome these challenges.

It is not only a safer option, but more effective for parents that may not understand how to help. Parenting troubled teenagers adds even more turmoil to the rigors of adolescence.

Connecting with the right resources can ease the burden of helping your teens to deal with their issues and ease the stress caused on the entire household.

There are so many options to get your teen back on track. Learn how Wood Creek Academy helps families with troubled teen boys get their life back on track.