About Our Youth Boarding School


Wood Creek Academy is a troubled youth boarding school for boys located in the rugged mountains of rural Western Montana. This remote ranch setting, far from modern distractions, is the ideal environment for troubled youth to begin a new and positive direction in their lives. Our unique  boot camp and wilderness therapy for troubled teens helps boys ages 13 to 18 recognize their full potential and make a lasting positive change.

Our residential treatment center for troubled youth is a licensed therapeutic boarding school designed to help a troubled teen boys face a wide range of issues. They will receive an affordable education, customized therapy, as well as experience many enriching outdoor activities.

The private boarding school for troubled teen boys includes a NWAC accredited Junior High and High School academic program, communication courses.


Our Therapeutic Residential Program

Wood Creek Academy is committed to improving the lives of others by providing a therapeutic program dedicated to helping troubled teens and their families recover from the destructive effects of behavior-related problems and drug abuse.

The goal here at our troubled youth residential therapeutic program is to empower each individual student to take responsibility for his past and challenge him to be accountable for his present and future. Through this supportive and caring process, we help troubled teenage boys reclaim their lives and obtain the tools to create a brighter, happier, and more productive future for themselves and those around them.

The cornerstones of our program are Desire, Direction, Determination and Destiny. Each of these cornerstones work together to help build-up and encourage your teen to take stock of his actions, accept responsibility for those actions and instill in him a desire and determination to choose a positive direction in which to find his destiny.