Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that choosing a treatment program for your teenage son is one of the most important decisions you will make. We want to give you the information you need to make this difficult decision easier.  Below we have compiled a list of common questions from parents. If you don’t see the answer to your question, please contact us.

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Are you a licensed facility?

Yes, we are licensed with the Montana Department of Labor and Industry as a Private Alternative Adolescent Residential Program.  We invite you to learn more about us and our programs by exploring our website. 

Is the staff experienced?

Yes. The director and his wife have experience in working with teens in a residential program environment for more than 15 years. The staff members are trained, educated and experienced to provide quality care to the young men and their families with varying issues and problems.  Our school safety standards  are considered to be one of the best in the country, our local staff is on hand at all times to ensure the best outcome for our students. 

What kinds of students are admitted to the school?
Students come to Wood Creek Academy with a wide range of emotional, social, and academic challenges. Many of our students struggle with lack of confidence and/or low self-esteem. Often many of these challenges are manifested through negative behaviors and deteriorating family relationships. These are good kids that come from good families but are making unhealthy decisions and poor choices.
How are teen behavioral issues addressed?
We believe that natural, logical, and non-punitive consequences are the best motivators to produce long-lasting change. Students are immersed in a positive peer culture in which staff and peers are both supportive and confront inappropriate behavior. This approach compliments our program philosophy and encourages solution-oriented outcomes.
How long is the troubled teen program at Wood Creek Academy?

The average length of stay is 9 to 12 months.  Troubled teen program length will vary depending on a student’s individual progress. Successful program completion occurs when a student has achieved all levels and has spent time (two to four months typically) as a transition student. If a student completes all levels, including transition, he will be honored with a completion ceremony.

What kind of communication can I expect regarding my child’s progress?
Each week you will have a phone call giving you a brief overview of how things are going with your son. Once a quarter you will receive a report (Plan Review) updating you on the progress your child is making in the program. If your son has unresolved court issues reports will be sent out meeting those obligations.
Will my child receive school credit for his classes?

Wood Creek Academy is a fully accredited High School. Credits are transferable. Wood Creek Academy has an open enrollment policy. This allows students an opportunity to either “catch up” or move ahead academically. Our school is considered a tier one school with the United States Armed Forces, which means that they accept our accreditation.

How often will my child be involved in outdoor activities?

Every day! We believe students need fresh air, sunshine, and exercise on a daily basis. Some examples are outdoor work projects on campus or in the community, planting gardens, tending to animals, recreational activities, hiking, and or participation in overnight camping.  To learn more details about specific outdoors activites and programs, click on Therapeutic School Activities and Programs to review current and past activities and programs. 

What will my son need to bring?
In order to maintain a sense of focus and structure, we have a dress code. Our school provides parents with a specific list of items for their son. Please be aware any items not on the clothing list will be sent home at parent’s expense. Please refer to the clothing/personal needs list in the parent manual.
How are parents and families involved?
We believe active family involvement is a critical component of treatment. Our experience indicates that a student will “work” only as hard as his family is “working”. This sometimes requires parents to seek therapy at home. We also engage families through parent-family Workshops help facilitate long-lasting change for the entire family. Workshops are multi-family style groups that incorporate our core principles and focus on communication, honesty, and trust.
What can I do to support my son, the staff, and the program?
The students at our school are good young men who have made poor choices. They come from good homes and families who love them. We want our parents to be supportive, but not bail out or rescue the student in lieu of working the program. Please give your child the message in a supportive and loving way that you expect he will make it work, face his issues, and accept his consequences for his actions. Once your child gets a clear and consistent message from his family that they support Wood Creek Academy we can then expect to start moving forward.
Do you work with educational consultants?
We work with educational consultants and counselors from many different locations. Educational consultants are professionals who assist students and families with high school and college planning. They provide experience and knowledge to formulate placement decisions during a time that is confusing and stressful. They have experience with a wide variety of schools and programs and can assist in maximizing the chance for a successful treatment outcome.
What happens when my child turns 18?
If a student turns 18 while enrolled in Wood Creek Academy, he may choose to stay, earn his high school diploma and complete the program.
Will I be able to get references from parents whose son has been a participant at Wood Creek Academy?
Absolutely, references will be made available upon request.
Will my son be able to keep in contact with the school after he graduates?
Our services don’t end because a student graduates. We support and encourage all students and parents to stay in contact with the school. It is important your son feels support while making the transition back home or to his new endeavor. As he continues to progress and succeed, we expect to hear from him less often.

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It is an honor to be considered as a potential resource to help your family at this important time. Please contact us today for more information about our program and specifics about the customized solution we can offer your teen.

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