Happy Military School GraduateMilitary school is a good option for children that love school, are planning their future, are competitive, and enjoy participating in sports. Military school requires passion, self-discipline, commitment and dedication. If your child exhibits these traits, then he will fit right-in to a military school program and do exceptionally well. Military schools are selective and acceptance rates range from 80 – 40 percent in the top 18 US-based military schools. The average tuition cost per year is around $35,000. Most of these schools have rigorous admission standards.

Does Military School Accept Teens with Behavioral / Emotional Problems?

Now think for a second about your screaming, defiant, angry, out of control, troubled teenager. Will he fit right in? Is your teenager depressed? Is he under psychological care? Has your teenager being diagnosed with ADD or ADHD? Are they on ADHD or ADD medication? Is he rebellious? What other teenage problems is he experiencing? Is your teenage boy failing school? Is he hanging out with the wrong crowd or abusing alcohol or drugs?  Do you think your teenager is addicted to video games? Do you know if your teen is having unprotected sex or being promiscuous?  Does he go missing for days? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then military school is not the best choice for your struggling teenager.

Are these emotional or physical behaviors new or does your son have a history of struggling with emotional problems?  What other options have you tried?  If your teenager is experiencing any of these behavioral or emotional issues now or has experienced them in the recent past it is unlikely that he will be accepted by a military school.  Military school don’t accept teenagers with mental, emotional or behavioral problems.  Alternative schools or programs for troubled teen are a better option for your child. 16 Year Old Defiant Teenage Boy

Military schools are not alternative schools. Good alternative military schools offer therapeutic programs and focus on remediation, behavior modification and personal growth while being strict and structured and offer academic programs. Military schools on the other hand provide a military style structure to everyday life combined with comprehensive academic, athletic and extracurricular programs but are not geared to offer emotional support to a troubled child. In fact, most will outright reject applications from children who are experiencing many of these behaviors.

Alternative Military Schools for Out-of-Control Teenager

Most parents in the throes of anxiety, dealing with a troubled, defiant teen don’t know what options are available to them. They’ve never heard of alternative schools or schools for troubled teens, which are schools that specialize in helping teenagers suffering with emotional and other behavioral difficulties overcome these challenges and get to the root cause of their issues.  These alternative troubled teen schools are therapeutic boarding schools and often can be found in remote locations, away from the every day pressures and temptations.

Troubled teen therapeutic boarding schools for boys or girls are for children who have trouble fitting in a traditional school setting. If your teenager is failing in school, stopped attending, has been truant or  expelled, an alternative military school will accept him and work with him to achieve his educational goals.  At a minimum he can obtain a high school diploma or equivalency.  Beyond academics these troubled teen schools specialize in working with your teenager to discover and identify the reasons they are failing.  Most graduates come out with a deeper understanding of his choices and learn to accept personal responsibility. The best alternative troubled teen schools have experienced staff and caretakers who know how to deal with struggling teens dealing with behavioral and emotional problems, substance or Internet abuse. There are many troubled teen school options and programs available throughout the US.   From wilderness programs, academic programs, these alternative military schools offer strict guidance and discipline but also offer emotional support needed by a troubled teenagers struggling to overcome emotional challenges. Alternative schools like troubled teen schools, or alternative military schools have high success ratios. Look for a good licensed troubled teen school that balances academics,  behavioral, emotional, sports and social programs , rehabilitation and offers personal growth opportunities.  If a future in the military is desired, consider finding a school that offers the educational credentials required to enlist in the military, look for  a Tier 1 School.

Teenager's personal growth @woodcreekacademy Wood Creek Academy is considered a Tier 1 school with the United States Armed Forces, which means that they accept our accreditation. We have had several of our graduates go on to a career in the military. We are considered a leader in the industry and an excellent alternative to military school for boys.

Specialty or alternative schools can be co-ed, boys or girls only schools. Our school is a boys-only school. We accept teenage boys struggling with behavioral or emotional problems who are 13-18 years old.

For more information on alternative schools for struggling or troubled teenage girls contact an Educational Consultant.  We invite you to explore our website or call an admissions counselor at +1(866)694-8882 for additional information about how Wood Creek Academy can help your family.