An angry teen is usually the culprit when it comes to a dysfunctional family life. Are you currently dealing with an out of control teen who is turning your home into a war zone? To keep the peace, you’ve got to fight back with love, compassion and understanding. Not sure where you can go to get help for an angry teenager or troubled youth?

Intensive Teen Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

Teenage treatment centers throughout the country offer teen therapy and specialize in correcting detrimental behavior like teen depression and teen anxiety.  If left untreated these mental health issues often results in an angry teenager and can lead to violent tendencies. Teen mental illness and teen challenges or mental health disorders require intensive therapy to help teens learn new strategies and coping skills.  Behavioral and emotional therapies help teens overcome anger, depression and anxiety. 

Understanding Teen Anger and Depression

Teen Anger Management & Aggressive BehaviorTeen anger also known as teen aggression typically presents among depressed teenage children. An angry child becomes overly-aggressive and hostile towards his parents or other authority figures.  These children seem ready to attack or confront anyone who disagrees with them.  Angry outbursts and hostility towards parents is most common among kids who suffer from disruptive emotional issues.  Without therapy or intervention these kids get easily frustrated and seem to lose control, going into a rage seemingly out of no where.  These are the same teens we hear about in the news involved in unprovoked attacks, showing extreme belligerence, bullying and sometimes becoming violent. 

If you are the parent of a child suffering from these teen issues or exhibiting out of control behaviors, you may wonder whether this is a temporary teenage phase.  Here some ideas and coping skills you can use to lower the stress and anxiety in your home.

Parenting an Angry Teen

Get to Know Him/Her
 The problems between you and your child might actually be a result of a misunderstanding. If a teen feels misunderstood, chances are he or she will lash out. This is because teenagers don’t necessarily know how to properly control or express their emotions. Begin by showing interest in what he/she likes and dislikes to let him/her know you care. Believe it or not, small gestures can go a long way.
Avoid Family Arguments
 Most of the time teens learn how to deal with aggressive behavior from their parents. It’s true. If a child lacks the ability to deal with changing emotions and feelings and they live in an environment where there is constant arguing among siblings or parents, they may fall into similar patterns.  If this pattern sounds like your home and family, it might be time to take a time out and reassess things. Try working on your personal relationships to show your kid it’s possible.

Help for your Angry Teenager

When it comes to getting help for troubled youth, a parent’s reactions can make a world of difference. This is why it is important that you avoid reacting to your child’s aggressive behavior.  Try, thinking about how you respond or react to your teenager when confronted by your aggressive teen. Seeking the help of professional mediators, mentors or counselors also proves to be beneficial.
Let’s face it, most teenagers are typically self-involved and moody but aggressive behavior  should not be ignored. Parents who ignore their teen’s anger and defiance regret it. This behavior only worsens over time. The end result is violence towards authority figures and or innocent by-standers. Listen to your gut, if you are afraid of angering your child, you must intervene now. A parent should never be afraid of their child.
After seeking professional help and talking with your child the behavior does not improve. It is time to consider a teen treatment center like a therapeutic boarding school or wilderness program. We invite you to explore our website to learn more or contact our admissions counselor to get more information or call us now.