Teen Issues: Behavioral and Emotional

In addition to working with your teen to address and overcome their diagnosed or prominent teen issues. We also work together with your family. Our Teen Family Program is set up so your family can participate in groups and attend other various programs with your teen. This is a safe environment for your family to honestly deal with the problems you have with your teenager.

Wood Creek Academy has treated problem teen boys that have been diagnosed with behavioral and emotional problems. The more common of these emotional and behavioral disorders commonly diagnose are:

Other Teen Emotional and Behavioral Disorders and Symptoms

Teenagers facing mood fluctuations, oppositional defiance, impulsiveness, and inattentiveness,  are some of the many behavioral symptoms that compel parents, teachers and others to seek treatment for their troubled teen boys.

A behavioral disorder diagnosis can also be a dangerous trap that many adolescents incorporate into a coping style. They try to use their diagnosis as a way to avoid taking responsibility for their lives. It becomes another way for them to remain on developmental vacation.

Continuity of Care

We will follow medical advice and arrange for any continued specialized treatment as may be necessary. We will speak with medical professionals from the home location and find appropriate medical care for you son that is consistent with the treatment program prescribed for your child in order to ensure continuity and quality of care.  Our objective is to ensure son’s well-being while simultaneously working with your teen to address, correct and manage the behavioral issues that prompted his enrollment in our program.


Please continue to explore our website or call an admissions counselor at 866.694.8882 for additional information about how Wood Creek Academy can help your family.

Wood Creek Academy

It is an honor to be considered as a potential resource to help your family at this important time. Please contact us today for more information about our program and specifics about the customized solution we can offer your teen.

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