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Before I came here to the ranch I often found myself angry frustrated and sad with myself. When I was in these moods, I would be making very poor choices that would prevent me from winning and succeeding in life. I have learned so much about myself since I have been here and I am extremely grateful for all of this. I have discovered that I am a loving caring and peaceful person inside. All of my wonderful traits were always there, but I was too scared to let them out. Now that its all over, I have found a new love for others and myself. I am extremely confident in myself and can work through any of my problems in life without using drugs or alcohol. I LOVE MYSELF



My Name is Hayk and I am a drug addict. I started using drugs when I was 13 years old, always sad and mean. I was just really unhappy with myself; I thought I was stuck and never get off drugs. My parents must of had been really scared for me because they had two huge guys come and get me and bring me to the ranch. This place helped me get my life straight. I dont use drugs anymore, I am happy with myself and when I walk down the street I dont fall in the puddles anymore I stay clean.

I highly thank all the staff for what they did for me and I thank Sean and Danice for being who they had to be. I thought they were mean to me while I was here I hated these guys, but after awhile I realized they did what they did to help me and it worked! I love you guys truly for what you do and who you are. I am sure the other guys will come to understand what you are giving them and I hope they will take it. God bless this house the kids and all the staff. Always know this program is going to shine up your life.

I am really thanking the staff for their help and I wish it works for everyone like it has me. I am going to say keep coming back and wish you the best with all my power.



I am writing this letter to you so you can know how much you guys have helped me. Everything that you have taught me in the past four months has been amazing. I still cant believe that I have learned so much and have worked on myself, and its all thanks to you.

I could have never changed my lifestyle or my old behavior without the tools that you have shown me. These tools are what I use to get me back on the right track of life. I really appreciate you guys for not giving up on me even though for the first 2 months of the program I fought everything. You guys have shown me a new way of life and how to face my problems not bottle them up. I want to also say that even though I slip into old behavior every once in awhile you have taught me to always look for the good. I have learned that my life is going to be in peaks and valleys and right now I am in a low valley and thanks to you I have tools and am dealing with it in a mature way. So Thanks again to the staff for everything. I couldnt of done it without you.



Dear parents, if you have tried everything you can and if you find yourself with nowhere else to turn to because your child is out of control, I recommend Wood Creek Academy. We were losing our son to the battle of drugs / alcohol / gang / disobedience. Even after working through the court system we didnt know what else to do. We trusted God and took him to WCA. It was a scary and huge financial, decision, but we trusted God and went for it. We found that the staff was helpful, kind and understanding and we created a lifelong friendship.

Our son was at WCA for about 2 years. In those years we, as a family got the rest we needed and our son got to be in a safe place to get the help he needed. It is a Godly environment, challenging and with people who really care about the future of our son. He learned many tools on how to handle life along with group and personal counseling, schooling and physical activities. Going in our son only ate cereal. Coming out of WCA he was a good eater and appreciated a good meal. Our sons behavior and health was the best it ever been during his stay at WCA. I will not say it was easy for any of us but it was the right thing to do.

We thank God for the tools he did get at the ranch, the rest we needed and the forever love and support we still get from WCA. Our children have their own minds and actions. We can only do our very best and sending him to WCA was the right choice for us.

Steve and Melany M.



When our son went to stay with you, we were terrified for him. We wanted him to grow up as a productive man, (an asset to society). After a childhood of difficulties with learning, and socializing, he was frustrated and didnt seem to know how to release it except on himself. He would do things to impress everyone else and it seemed he didnt care or notice that there were consequences for his actions.

Later he told us that he just figured he would talk his way out of it, like hed done a million times before with teachers, us, and now the judge. He began to get in trouble. When my husband and I learned of all of the trouble he was in, we looked for an answer and found you. Our son was 16 when he went to stay with you. He learned to rely on himself, to like himself, and to be a productive man.

Although there have been a few ups and downs since he came back, it is my privilege to notify you that he has just received his Certified Nursing Assistant license, and is going to pursue nursing and then become a doctor. He is absolutely amazing.

We want to thank you for saving our sons life. If it werent for you, he would be in jail or worse. If it werent for you he would be living an existence of misery and frustration, hurting himself and those around him. Now he is happy, has friends, and is responsible for his actions. You have helped free him from himself. Thank you again for helping our son be comfortable in his own skin. Thank you for helping him learn to be the good person we knew he could be.
Eternally grateful,
Jeff and Virginia Banicki



On no particularly important day My Mom told to me that were going away. I asked her where, she said Montana To see relatives of my grandmas.
I refused while she begged and pleaded Saying this is just what I needed To sober up for at least 3 days And spend time in my innocent ways.
We went to a ranch and to my surprise I found my mom full of tears in her eyes A few minutes later I Soon discovered That this was my last chance to get recovered.
Its been four months now and I am sober My mom is too and says drugs are over I continue to amaze her everyday By honestly seeing my horrible ways.
Now that you have all heard my story I’d like to say that I am sorry to all the people that I have hurt By using them and treating them like dirt.

By S

The Individual who wrote this poem last year entered a contest and it was published in a book called A Celebration for Young Poets. Prior to coming to Wood Creek Academy he was involved in unhealthy activities, had poor attendance and was failing school. This year, he is a part of the public school program and continues to be an Honor Roll student and Vice President of his student council.

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