Therapeutic School Activities

Therapeutic School Activities And Programs

We have many activities for our students to participate in. Activities take place both on and off the school campus. Activities may include but are not limited to:

  • Backpacking
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • River Rafting
  • Softball
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Movies
  • Game Night
  • Visitors Meetings
  • Community Service Projects
  • Work Projects
  • Alive 25 (State Police Certification)
  • Safe Serv Class (US Restaurant Certification)
  • National Wildlife Certification Program
  • Various Religious Groups – Singing, Bible Stories
  • 12 Step Workshops and Meetings

At our boys boarding school,  individuals earn privileges through their daily performance based on a level system. The “levels” earned will determine what activities they will be able to participate in.

Participation in activities, including community service and work projects, is a privilege, not a right, and they must be earned. Performing community service is an opportunity for teens to experience the feeling of helping someone with no thought of gain or reward.

We are hesitant to detail the work the boys have done in this regard because it is always done as anonymously as possible. However, we will list a few projects simply to give an example of the kind of personally rewarding experiences your teen will have here at Wood Creek Academy.

Some of the past opportunities we have had include building a barn, completely disassembled and reassembled a 16’x16′ hay storage building, fenced in 30 acres for a neighbor, cut and split firewood for locals who can’t do it for themselves, and cleaned up in excess of 15 miles of road around Sanders County.

The boys help with the local food bank and senior center at all levels including unloading food trucks and assisting with the cooking and serving of various meals. During the holidays, the residents assist the local Sheriff’s department in the distribution of food baskets to those in need.

They also help our neighbors in gathering hay and apple crops and assist in the inoculation and branding of calves. They have participated in snow removal from property to allow access as well as removal of snow from roofs to avoid collapse.

Many service opportunities are one of a kind depending on what circumstances arise at any given time. All of these experiences are rewarding and build character.

Community Service

  • Highway/Road Cleanup
  • Wood cutting and delivery to needy
  • Beautification Days: 2 days of intensive cleanup at shut in homes and throughout Main Street Parks
  • Annual Veterans Stand down 7,000 pounds of potatoes bagged into 10 pound bags
  • Monthly countywide Senior Citizens Food distribution program unloading of truck
  • Heron Players serving dinner two nights to attendees
  • Cutting trees, skinning poles and repairing fence that was vandalized
  • Building projects for locals in need
  • Dog walking at TRACs animal shelter weekly
  • Special Olympics Torch Run
  • Bucking hay for local farmers
  • Thompson River Clean-up

“The best way to find yourself is to lose  yourself in the service of others.”  – Ghandi

Please explore our website or call an admissions counselor at 866.694.8882 for additional information about how Wood Creek Academy can help your family.
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